Ultimate MMA Challenge
Welcome to the most exciting place to compete in UFC3. We are currently running stock fights in UFC Middleweight (Simulation), UFC Heavyweight (Normal), Pride Middleweight (Simulation), and Pride Heavyweight (Normal). We will start Pride Lightweight on 9/17/2012. We also have Middleweight CAF and Welterweight Insta-Caf for K1 (Stand Up Only).

Ultimate MMA Challenge

Birth of the UMC (8/17/11) Players compete in UFC 3. League consists of MW/HW in both Pride and UFC Stock fighers only. We will be workig on Insta-CAF K1 in the WW division soon.
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I want to say Thank You to everyone that has been recruiting and competing in our league. We have grown so quickly we are currently looking for new staff members. We are currently competing in UFC/Pride MW and HW and will be starting up Pride LW next week (8/17/12).


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PostSubject: Registered Camps   Registered Camps Icon_minitimeThu Aug 18, 2011 12:54 am

Use those section to post your camps name and the members that are part of your camp. For example:

Team Blackhouse

Admin gamertage Admin

Even if you don't have the 5 fighters for camp wars you still can have a camp with only 2 or 3. This may help people see that you need a fighter and may ask for a try out.

Team Greco Wrestling (PS3)


Team Ground n Pound (XBox)
Darth Joker x
Hung Long

Team Warrior (XBox)
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Registered Camps
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